About Our Franchise

Big Red’s was established in 1977 after the Swinemar family of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia decided it was time to combine their business expertise with delicious, unique family recipes for pizza, subs, and donairs and foray into the fast food restaurant industry. Big Red’s has invested years of determined effort to perfect their product and develop a streamlined operations and management model.

Forty years later, Big Red’s still maintains its strict standards of food excellence and superb service, and has the popularity, reputation, and profits to prove it. Big Red’s are members in good standing with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

The Product 

  1. Big Red’s sauce is created with a special selection of the highest-quality ingredients to give it the unique sweet and spicy taste that customers love.
  2. Big Red’s pizza dough was developed from a time-tested family recipe that sets it apart from other pizzeria’s dough in taste, texture, and quality.
  3. Big Red’s donairs are made with fresh pizza dough and filled with Big Red’s own spicy donair meat made from 100% ground beef and baked in Big Red’s pizza ovens.
  4. Big Red’s submarine sandwich menu offers a variety of delicious trademark subs each with a distinct character and flavor, and offers a large selection of garnishes that can be personalized according to the customer’s preference.
  5. Big Red’s sandwiches are prepared with fresh pizza dough and filled with the customer’s choice of garnishes.
  6. Big Red’s pizza is less greasy than most because we use 15% M.F. mozzarella cheese, while most pizza-serving establishments use 20% M.F. mozzarella cheese.
  7. Big Red’s only uses the freshest vegetables and the finest quality meat products.

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